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Ph: +1.915.691.4649
Mexico City
by appointment only
Jumeirah Terrace Building, Unit 305, 2nd of December St., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Desert People Golf


Desert People Golf is a brand that celebrates the region’s unique desert landscape and its rich multiculturalism.  It is a brand created by two average golfers that have a passion for the game and wanted to share it outside the course. To share the passion and love for the game in a social setting was not an easy task. The logo is a monogram with the letters DPG in no particular order that resembles an aerial view of a golf course. The circle is divided into 3 parts which represents the three states that border the city of El Paso in a clean but bold statement. Each design is crafted to tell a story or pay an homage to golf and the region. Colors, iconic structures that people consider landmarks in the region are used to tell the story of how enjoyable golf can be in the border city. From golfers in horses to cacti patterns, Desert People Golf is more than just apparel, it is a lifestyle.

Photography by Monica Lozano