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Ph: +1.915.691.4649
Mexico City
by appointment only
Jumeirah Terrace Building, Unit 305, 2nd of December St., Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Jailbird is a cage-free, fried chicken concept restaurant based in Dubai. For this unique brand, we created a feisty, charismatic rooster man to represent the fun and unapologetic essence of Jailbird. With bold typography and sarcastic looks, our rooster friend won’t hesitate to call out all the chicken haters out there. The sketch-like icons used throughout the brand embody the different aspects of this “Chuck Norris” type. Whether it is from crushing a soda can, arguing with a beef lover, or simply putting his boxing gloves on, our rooster is always ready to jump into action. The bright color gives the brand a fun and youthful look, ultimately capturing the striking taste Jailbird has to offer.